Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

Aquagear water filter pitcher review 2021: If you wish to keep yourself and your loved one protective from any harmful chemicals, it is essential to drink hygienic and healthy water all time.

Most of the sources of water contain many harmful bacteria as well as contaminants.

Today in this article, we will focus on the Aquagear water filter pitcher review made in the United States of America by using food-grade materials. 

About Aquagear Company:

Aquagear is one of the best water filter company. Engineers established the company.

The main motive of the company to provide affordable and quality-based accessories for secure water treatment.

The company’s main goal is to provide clean and fresh water to those who need it.

Aquagear water filter company is committed to fulfill the need of consumers and make them loyal customers.

The products are used widely in the UK and US army and different NGOs like Red Cross and UNICEF. 

About Aquagear pitcher replacement water filter:

Aquagear pitcher water filter is a better water filter that is made with better durability and sustainability.

The filter is manufactured from 100% BPA-free plastic and approved by FDA. 

The product is tested by many organizations and passed the “standards of NFC” strictly to

reduce harmful bacteria and water contaminants. 

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How perfectly does an Aquagear pitcher water filter can works? 

After conducting a test for NFS standards 53 and 42, the product offers an excellent result. The filter can easily remove contaminants like: 

  • Fluoride: 90.06%
  • Chloramine: 99.9%
  • Chlorine: 99.9%
  • Chromium: 6:99.4%
  • Arsenic: 99.8%
  • Mercury: 97.8%
  • Copper: 99.7%
  • Arsenic: 99.8%
  • Other VOCs, including trihalomethanes: 99%

Features of Aquagear water filter pitcher – fluoride, lead, chloramine:

A) Internal features: 

Aquagear claims that it can filter more than 2000% more harmful bacteria and containments than Brita.

This model consists of a 5-stages filter that features 2-separate filtration media. We first discuss them one by one: 

  • Activated coconut carbon

This filtration media helps to absorb and traps harmful contaminants from the source of water. Some of these harmful contaminants also include odor, chlorine, and bad taste. 

  • Perfect exchange media of CRM-ion

The 2nd filtration media is the exchange media of CRM ion. With this process, users can easily remove different containments like heavy metals, other agricultural and industrial pollutants. 

B) Design and capacity:

One of the best and important features of this filter is that it is well-constructed with 100% FDA approved and BPA-free material.

The cartridges of a filter can be 100% recyclable, so it guaranteed you better health and sustainability for a long time. 

The product offers a lifetime guaranteed against leakage and breakage. You will also get free of charge replacement. 

Aquagear water filter pitcher – fluoride, lead, chloramine only comes up with a single size with 8-cups capacity. The pitcher can easily filter 8-cups in a single refilling. 

C) Be a clean water hero: 

Filtered and clean water saves lives. For each purchase, the Aquagear water filter offers clean and healthy water for yourself and your family. 

D) Filter longevity:

This filter pitcher uses a cartridge filter that can filter approximately 150-Gallons water. It means the single filter can last for 60-90 days, and it will depend on the consumption of water. 

If the filter you use does not work properly, then the recycled option is ready for you. You only need to contact the manufacturer to recycle the filter. 

E) Healthy mineral preservation:

Another feature of the Aquagear pitcher, water filter review, is that it can easily preserve many minerals present in water that is good for your health. These minerals contribute to better

water taste. It implies that you can easily get a refresh and healthy taste of water all time. 

Pros and cons of Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher Review

  1. Effectiveness: The product is a little bit expensive, but many people recommend the product because of water filters effectiveness that make the tap water safe to drink.
  2. Reduction of contaminant: The water filter pitcher meets NFS standards that reduce harmful bacteria and contaminants. The filtering capacity of this model is awesome and remove 2000% more harmful contaminants than any filters. The contaminants are chlorine, lead, mercury, chromium, and chloramines.
  3. Lifetime warranty: The Aquagear water filter pitcher – fluoride, lead, chloramine units are built to last so that you can easily use it for a longer time.
  4. Effective against lead, fluorine, and chloramine: It is one of the best and high-quality water pitcher filters that can easily block fluoride, chlorine, lead, etc. It is capable of removing 90% of harmful contaminants in water sources.
  5. High-quality filters: The Aquagear water filter pitcher is a high-quality product manufactured in the US that removes contaminants. It can also be used for densely contaminants water.
  1. Small size:  The chromium-6 filter – BPA-free, clear is small for family size.
  2. No reminder: In our Aquagear water filter pitcher review, we notice that the pitcher offers no reminder to change the filter.
  3. Expensive: Aquagear pitcher replacement water filter is an expensive model compared to some other filter products of the same category.
  4. Filling time: The pitcher water filter offers a slow filling time when you use it for the first time.
  5. Inconvenient design: The design of the water filter is a little bit inconvenient. The filter is not designed for removing iron and other radiological contaminants. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much fluoride does an Aquagear pitcher replacement water filter remove? 

Ans: The pitcher is tested and guaranteed to eliminate 90% of the fluoride ratio from tap water. 

Can the chromium-6 filter be recycled? 

Ans: All of the filters of Aquagear can easily be recyclable. For this purpose, you need to contact the manufacturer through email. 

Does any leakage of water happen through the filter? 

The pitcher comes with a rubber seal, which offers a strong and durable fit to use effectively.

How much time is required for the replacement of the filter needed? 

Ans: According to the Aquagear manufacturer, it is necessary to replace the filter every 6-month or 150 gallons. 


Expect of high price; every factor related to this filter is awesome. It may receive a rating of 10/10 if it filled faster and was cheaper.

The pitcher is amazing and is one of the best filter systems that we search so far. If your preference is to remove contaminants and harmful bacteria from tap water, you would never find the best pitcher other than the Aquagear water filter pitcher.

It is the only product that keeps healthy minerals like magnesium and calcium in the water and removes halogens. We hope you enjoy the Aquagear water filter pitcher review.

If you need any other detail, then contact us. We are always ready to help you. 

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