PUR LED 11 Cup Water Filtration Pitcher Review – BPA free

Our body consists of 60% of water; therefore, drinking pure water is necessary to maintain its proper functioning. Using water for drinking straight away from the taps is never a safe option and may make you prone to health issues.

Thus to stay fit and healthy, drinking purified water is a mandatory requirement. This raises a call for getting a water purifier that can cater to the water purification needs.

You may encounter various alternatives when you hit the internet or move out to get a water purifier. But getting the right water filter makes the difference. PUR water filter pitcher is the name that can bring a difference in your kitchen. 

So after investing some considerable amount of time in research, here we bring to you a PUR water filter review for you to make your purchase decision:

PUR CR1100C Classic 11 Cup Water Pitcher


Why purchase a PUR LED 11 cup pitcher?

People, who tend to buy a water filter, have a simple concept to gain pure water access. They believe that special contaminants are removed out of scope, but something is better than nothing.

Thus they decide to get water filters to cater to their water purification needs. But you can expect some good news coming your way by making way for a PUR water filter pitcher in your home.

PUR water filters aim to reduce maximum contaminants using an exclusive formulation technology that equips ion exchange materials and carbon blends.

This filter stands as the new era water filter that provides pure and filtered water to its users. There are ample good reasons to get such a filter for your home.

Read further why your cooking heaven need a PUR LED 11 cup pitcher right now:

Dual cartridge:

This PUR filter deploys two filtration cartridges, which ensures better filtration and contamination reduction.

Usually, pitcher filters use chlorine to remove the contaminants and do not use other contaminant removal methods.

But this PUR filter has gone a step ahead to hike the efficacy of reduction of pollutants.

Three-step water filtration:

This PUR 11 cup pitcher has stepped a mile ahead to serve as a good deal for users. Three-step filtration technology is used to devise the cartridge filters.

At first, the water has to pass via a tight mesh as it gains entry into the filter. This mesh is capable of blocking the bigger sized foreign matter from mixing with your drinking water.

Once the water crosses the first level of filtration, it protrudes into a porous surfaced carbon activated filter made using coconut shells.

Though it looks small in its appearance, even a single treated carbon grain can offer about a thousand square meters of permeable surface.

Here in this filtration step, the adsorption process is initiated, which causes the pollutants to stick to the carbon.

Adsorption is a process that occurs naturally and causes the contaminants to enter the porous surface rather than staying mixed in the water. 

Once this phenomenon is completed, the water drips down into the ion exchange filter, which helps filter the minerals such as calcium and magnesium from water that causes limescale building.

The minerals further get captured in the resin beads and are removed from the water.

So after paving its way through a three-channel filtration process, you can expect clean and soft water that goes down in your glass to quench your thirst.

Also, the water tastes better and is healthier in comparison to regular tap water and mineral water.

The longevity of filters:

The PUR led 11 cup pitcher makes use of filters that can fill up to 40 gallons of water. And you may be required to change the filters once the cartridges accomplish the goal of filtering about 40 gallons.

LED lights stand as an indicator to let you know when the cartridges need a replacement. A filter can serve for about six weeks owing to the water consumption. 

The capacity of Pitcher:

PUR pitcher review is simply incomplete without mentioning its capacity. The pitcher can accommodate up to 0.68 gallons of water or 11 cups, to be precise. On the contrary, one can expect the filtered water’s capacity to be around 0.5 gallons or 8 cups.

Considering the water usage at your house, you may be required to fill the Pitcher of the PUR filter several times a day. 

Easy fill ability:

The PUR pitcher has an easy-fill lid that makes the filling of water a lot easier. These lids also act as a barrier to prohibit the discharge of unfiltered water into the filtered water while pouring.

Lead reduction:

Activated carbon filters are used to build the PUR filters and contain ion exchange materials. The filter cartridges assure lead reduction above 99% and stand as a mandatory factor. To sum up, the pitcher water filter reviews. This PUR water filter can be for yesteryear houses where there are chances of high lead accumulation in the plumbing pipes due to its lead elimination capability. 

  • This pitcher filter has the might of filtering out pharmaceutical and mercury substrates. The filter can remove the harmful substances in a highly effective manner making this purchase worth your investment. The container area that touches water is made using BPA free plastic, ensuring that it does not leak and contaminates the water. Also, it prolongs the service period of the water filter. Quality and purity are two factors that this water fitter adheres to, and thus one can be rest assured that they will get to have contaminant-free water. The water filter pitcher is compact and can be stored and handled with ease. One can easily refill the pitcher without spilling water due to its ergonomic design and easy-to-use capability.
  • The pitcher filter does not get filled at a faster pace, and as the maximum filtration capacity is attained, you can expect it to slow down further. The lid of the filter may tend to tip when you pour water. The water does get soft after the filtration process, but still, one can spot deposits at the bottom. Thus the softening process could have been better. Maintenance cost is high as it demands filter replacement after every six weeks depending on the water consumed.

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So this was a quick PUR water filter review for you to traverse the upsides and downsides of this filter. Though there are a few cons of getting this filter, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, and owning a PUR pitcher at home will not disappoint you. So what are you waiting for?

Order your product here and get ready to drink safe and pure water to safeguard your family mate’s health.

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