Top 10 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher in 2023

Today I will help you to find the Best Alkaline Water Pitcher.

All the doctors, nutritionists, and other people, in general, keep saying that to have a healthy body and good metabolism, it is essential to drink water.

Well, the composition of our body is 60% percent.

Water or fluids in the body are responsible for many functions, including maintaining the body temperature, digestion, absorption from the intestines, and the creation of saliva.

They are also equally responsible for transporting nutrients to the cells in the whole body.

So, we really need to drink water to ensure that all of these functions in the body take place smoothly.

Many doctors and nutritionists talk about alkaline water; let’s first understand what alkaline water really is. In the simplest terms, alkaline water has a pH greater than 7.0 on the pH spectrum.

Alkaline water pitchers are used to purifying and ionize water to make sure that the water becomes alkaline, and hence, it tastes better and even feels softer.

Sometimes, drinking even a single glass of regular water makes you so full, you might even feel swelling.

On the contrary, the ionized alkaline water feels softer because the ionized water drops are smaller.

Alkaline water has a lot of health benefits. With the help of an alkaline water pitcher, you will be able to achieve ionized alkaline water, which will be great for your body and be refreshing.

To help you pick the best alkaline water pitcher, we have prepared a list of alkaline water pitcher reviews. So, you will not have research on your own, and you will be able to find a reliable alkaline water pitcher with our research.

But wait a minute! How can we forget the list of health benefits of using the alkaline water pitcher? So, before we move on to the list of products, let’s have a look at the health benefits.

#1 Recommended

EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline water Pitcher

Our No.1 recommended alkaline water pitcher.

# Popular Pick

OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

A popular pitcher choice from the customers. 

# Budget Pick

Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Value for money among all alkaline water pitcher.

Health benefits of using alkaline water pitcher:

  1. Instead of hard water, which makes you feel swollen or heavy, the alkaline water pitcher provides ionized water, which is soft.
  2. The alkaline water pitcher purifies the water by eliminating chlorine and other contaminants present in the water. It also absorbs metal and lead from the water while giving you clean and fresh water to drink.
  3. The alkaline water pitcher also improves the pH balance of the human body by making the water alkaline. The alkaline water may have a pH of 8.5-10.0.
  4. It also has the capability to decrease oxidation in the human body by converting regular drinking water into antioxidant water.
  5. It also makes sure that the water becomes absorbable by reducing the size of water molecules.
  6. The alkaline water will make you energized because of the alkalized minerals.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at the alkaline water pitchers:

10 Best Alkaline Water Pitcher Reviews:

1.Best Overall: EHM Ultra Premium Alkaline Water Pitcher:

The first alkaline water pitcher that we have for you all is by EHM.

The water pitchers by EHM are greatly popular because they are manufactured with the finest materials, which ensure the durability of the product.

Some people have trouble putting the alkaline water pitchers into the refrigerators, but you will not have any problem because it is specifically designed to fit into the refrigerator.

The capacity of this alkaline water pitcher is also pretty decent. You will not have the trouble of refilling it again and again.

We highly recommend this alkaline water pitcher not only because of its amazing functioning but also because of its refrigerator-friendly shape and decent capacity.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:12 x 6 x 11 inches
Item Weight: 2.27 pounds

Major Features:

  1. 6-stage cartridge: The six-stage cartridge or filter has the ability to purify the water by getting rid of contaminants such as lead or metal.
  2. Finest filters: This alkaline water pitcher consists of the finest filters, ensuring that the regular water is converted to antioxidant water.
  3. Micro-clustering: The method of micro clustering reduces the size of water molecules, making them easily absorbable.


  • The pitcher is easy to clean Provides you with a great taste Improves the immune system Easy to assemble and use Refrigerator friendly
  • It is slightly heavy as compared to other pitchers

2.OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher:

The second place on our list is taken by the OXA alkaline water filter pitcher.

When you look at it, you will find its design to be modern.

It is available in two different colors including white and blue, both of them are good looking.

Some of the water pitchers you may see are made with low-quality materials, and they even consist of harmful materials.

However, this OXA alkaline water pitcher is manufactured with high-quality materials, and it is BPA-free.

The filter of this pitcher also has the international certification. We highly recommend this alkaline water pitcher because of its advanced technology and amazing functioning.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:14.3 x 9.1 x 4.4 inches
Item Weight: 2.5 pounds

Major Features:

  1. 7-stage cartridge: The seven-stage cartridge has the ability to purify the water completely, and it removes unwanted materials such as zinc, chlorine, odors, and other heavy materials that may be present in the water.
  2. Fit for refrigerator design: The pitcher has a design that is refrigerator friendly, so you can easily store it in the refrigerator.
  3. Large capacity: This pitcher has a pretty decent capacity of 2.5L.


  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee The filters are recyclable. Increases active hydrogen Modern design Manufactured with high-quality materials
  • Pouring water with it might be slightly difficult

3.pH REFRESH Alkaline Water Pitcher:

The third spot is taken by the pH refresh, alkaline water pitcher.

Many people appreciate this alkaline water pitcher because of its amazing capabilities.

It provides you with a great taste; it makes sure that you remain hydrated. The alkaline water balances the pH level of your body. It also ensures that the alkaline water contains only the essential minerals and eliminates unwanted contaminants.

The coolest thing about water pitchers is that it even remineralize the water, which are the minerals that are needed by our body.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:12.2 x 10.5 x 5.5 inches
Item Weight: 2.85 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Digital filter life indicator: This is a unique feature that allows you to set a timer, and it tells you when you need to change the filter.
  2. Anti-slip base: Some of the pitchers do not have an anti-slip base, which is why there is a greater chance of them slipping. However, you will not have to worry about this pitcher slipping because of the anti-slip base.
  3. Easy-grip handles: This alkaline water pitcher focuses not only on providing mineralized and freshwater but also on ergonomics. With the easy-grip handle, you can do all the pouring.
  • Improves energy and provides mental clarity Improves the taste and smell of the water Multi-level filtration makes sure that the water doesn’t have contaminants. Remineralizes water by adding minerals such as zinc, calcium, magnesium, and others
  • The pitcher is difficult to open when you are refilling it

4.Seychelle pH2O Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher: 

Another super-famous alkaline water pitcher is the Seychelle alkaline water pitcher.

It is manufactured with the finest quality materials, and they are also BPA-free. It has the ability to enhance the pH of the water greatly so it can balance the pH level of your body.

It also has a pretty good capacity; you can even store it in the fridge when needed.

We highly recommend this alkaline water pitcher because of its amazing functioning and all the health benefits that it provides to the human body.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:11 x 5.5 x 10.5 inches
Item Weight: 2 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Sleek and fridge friendly: This alkaline water pitcher has lightweight, and it can easily fit into your fridge so you can have a cool drink.
  2. Healthy minerals: This pitcher gets rid of the unwanted materials in the water, such as heavy metals or chlorine, and makes sure that only healthy minerals become a part of the human body.
  3. Enhances pH: This alkaline water pitcher has the ability to increase the pH of water for up to 9.5 on the pH spectrum, which will be able to balance the pH of the human body.
  • The filters are tested and certified Gets rid of chemical contaminants Improves the taste of the water
  • It is slightly expensive as compared to other alkaline water pitchers

5. Naples Naturals 109X2 Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher:

Looking for a cool-looking alkaline water pitcher? This one here is one of the best alkaline water pitchers, and it has a super amazing look.

The black details on the clear body look pretty attractive. However, it is available in quite a few different colors and designs to pick out the one you like the best.

It is manufactured with good quality materials, and they are also BPA-free. It not only looks great but also fits in the door of the fridge easily.

It is easy to clean and store, and because of all its amazing features and amazing functioning, we recommend it great for everyday use.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:11 x 6 x 11 inches
Item Weight: 3.2 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Available in colors and designs: The coolest thing about this alkaline water pitcher is that it is available in different colors and designs.
  2. Enhances the pH: This alkaline pitcher has the ability to increase the pH level of the water by filtration, and it is also known for ensuring better absorption.
  • Reduces waste because you can get clean water at home The taste of the water becomes better with the use of this pitcher. The alkaline water pitcher provides greater and better hydration
  • . The filter might get clogged, so you have to keep a check of the condition of the filter

6.AQUASPREE Exclusive 7 Stage Alkaline Water Filter:


This alkaline water filter by AQUASPREE takes sixth place, and it is quite expensive compared to other alkaline water pitchers.

If you are looking for an affordable water pitcher, this one may not be a good option for you, but if you are willing to invest in a high-quality alkaline water pitcher, you should definitely get your hands on this one.

The best thing is that you can use it at home, at work, or even in your dorm. With all its amazing features, we highly recommend this alkaline water pitcher.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:12.2 x 11.8 x 21.2 inches
Item Weight: 9.2 pounds

Major Features:

  1. 7-stage purifying: This alkaline water pitcher has a seven-stage purifying technology that gives you alkaline water that is great for your health.
  2. Eco-friendly: Instead of piling up on plastic bottles, you can invest in this alkaline water pitcher, and you will be able to save a lot of plastic.
  • Ideal for home office or cabin BPA-free 7-stage purifying
  • It is heavy and expensive as well

7.WAMERY Alkaline Water Pitcher:

Next up, we have the WAMERY alkaline water pitcher. It is quite affordable as compared to other alkaline water pitchers.

So, if you are not willing to invest hefty amounts of money in an alkaline water pitcher, then you definitely need to give this one a try.

It has the ability to improve the pH level and negative ORP.

It not only improves your immune system and boosts your energy, but it also has the ability to improve the health of your plants and pets.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:10.6 x 10.6 x 5.1 inches
Item Weight: 1.76 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Durable: The filters of this alkaline water pitcher are durable because they last for 42 gallons.
  2. Coconut Activated Filtration: The coconut activated filtration makes sure that the water is purified and there are no contaminants.
  • Replaces 980 plastic bottles Eco-friendly Ensures good health of pets and plants Lightweight
  • The lid may not stay on

8.DRAGON Alkaline Water Pitcher:

Then we have a DRAGON alkaline water pitcher for you all. It has a phenomenal capacity of 3.5 liters, and it will also make sure that you remain hydrated throughout the day.

It has the ability to remove 90% of the unwanted chemicals or toxic materials that may be present in the water.

Quite a few people don’t like their coffee and tea made with regular water; however, coffee and tea made with water that has been filtered by this pitcher will taste amazing.

It has the ability to improve the taste of the water. If we talk about the design of this alkaline water pitcher, then you will like it a lot because it is modern looking and it also fits in the fridge,

it can even fit other spaces easily as well because it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:11.3 x 10.4 x 6.7 inches
Item Weight: 2.63 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Premium cartridge filter: It has the ability to remove free radicals and eliminate toxins.
  2. Instantly filters water: Some of the alkaline water pitchers may take a lot of time to filter the water, but this one has the ability to filter the water instantly.
  3. Ergonomic handle: This alkaline pitcher also has an ergonomic handle, so you get a strong grip.
  • Economical Environmentally friendly Increases energy level Improves immune system
  • There is a chance of spills if you are not comfortable

9.OXA Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher:

This is another OXA alkaline water filter pitcher, and it is available in two different colors one is white, and one is blue.

Both the colors are good-looking, and they come with advanced filters that can purify the water and enhance the pH.

It is also manufactured with high-quality and eco-friendly materials. You also get a money-back guarantee.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:9.7 x 5.9 x 11.9 inches
Item Weight: 2.5 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Dishwasher safe: The cleaning of this pitcher becomes very easy because it is dishwasher safe.
  2. Fridge friendly: It will fit in the fridge because of its fridge-friendly design.
  3. Recyclable: Instead of buying plastic bottles, you should use recyclable pitchers.


  • It gives you great tasting water and food Limescale reduction Reminds you when the filter needs to be replaced
  • The filtered water might have an odour

10.BIO CERA Alkaline Antioxidant Water Filter Pitcher:

The last alkaline water pitcher that we have on our list of the best water pitcher is by BIOCERA.

It is expensive as compared to others, but it is a great pitcher because it has quite a few unique features that will give you enhanced pH and purified water for drinking.

You will certainly enjoy the distinct flavor of coffee and tea with water that has enhanced pH and an improved flavor.

Along with that, it is manufactured with safe materials, and it is also certified.

If you don’t mind buying an expensive alkaline water pitcher, then you can get this one.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions:12 x 6 x 11 inches
Item Weight: 2.4 pounds

Major Features:

  1. Mineral-rich water: The tap water is converted into mineral-rich water with this alkaline water pitcher’s help.
  2. Size reduction: It has the ability to reduce the size of water molecules to make sure that the water is easily absorbed.
  • Easy refill Convenient use Easy-grip Tick indicator
  • It is expensive when compared with other alkaline water pitchers

By looking at the top 10 best alkaline water pitchers, you will be able to have an understanding of what different options are available for you, but to give you even more clarity,

we have also prepared a list of buying considerations.

Buying Considerations:


The first thing you need to consider is the price, as you can see that alkaline water pitchers come at different prices.

Different companies or brands manufacture them, offer different features, and the materials used in manufacturing may differ.

The price variation allows you to buy the alkaline water pitcher, which suits your need and budget.

First, evaluate your budget and then look at the different options available; you will be able to find the best alkaline water pitcher that is suitable for your need.


The next thing that you need to consider is capacity. Some of the alkaline water pitchers have a small capacity, while others have a large capacity.

Some may have a capacity of 1 liter, while others may have a capacity of up to 3.5 liters or even more.

So, you have to figure out what your need is. If you are going to use the water pitcher at home or your dorm, then you can have the one that has a large capacity, and then if you need a pitcher at work or while you are traveling, you can get one that has a small capacity.


Then comes the design of the alkaline water pitcher. There are some with unique designs, and they even fit in the fridge, while some may not fit in the fridge.

Some of the alkaline water pitchers have a convenient and functional design, and you can easily pour the water, place them anywhere without the worry of slipping due to the non-slip base.

There are some of the designs which look cool, but there are so many troubles of spilling.

So, make sure that you get your hands on a pitcher that not only looks good but also functions well.


Then comes the main part, which is the filter of the alkaline water pitcher.

The filter of the alkaline water pitcher should be durable because you don’t want to go through the struggle of replacing the filter now and then.

The filtration process should be multi-stage so that the water is fully purified. Contaminants and harmful chemicals should be removed in the filtration process.

The most important part is that the pH level must be enhanced to balance the body’s pH level. Some of the pitchers even make sure that the healthy minerals remain in the water.

Easy to clean:

Cleaning of the alkaline water pitchers can be tricky; some people may not clean them properly, and there may be deposition of minerals.

To avoid the deposition of the minerals, make sure that you properly clean the pitcher. There is a chance of getting odor in the water if you don’t properly clean the pitcher.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of cleaning, make sure that you get your hands on an alkaline water pitcher, which is dishwasher safe, to get the job done with the help of the dishwasher.


The next thing is ergonomics. Not only should the pitcher be able to filter the water properly, but you should be able to have a strong grip on the handle so you can easily move it from one place to another.

Also, the pouring should be pretty easy as well. You surely don’t want spills all over the space.

We hope you will understand which alkaline water pitcher you will opt for by looking at the alkaline water pitcher reviews and buying considerations.

However, there might be some queries related to an alkaline water pitcher, so we have compiled the frequently asked questions.


Lastly, you have to make sure that you get your hands on an alkaline water pitcher manufactured with high-quality materials that are strong and last for a long time. They must also be able BPA-free so that they are safe to use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1) Is alkaline water safe for children and pregnant women?

Ans: Yes, alkaline water is safe for pregnant women; it is actually beneficial. Alkaline deficiency in pregnant women can cause morning sickness.

The fetus needs an alkaline medium, so alkaline water is definitely beneficial for pregnant women.

Pregnant women can get an alkaline water pitcher and drink water to remain hydrated and prevent alkaline deficiency.

When it comes to children, alkaline water is as healthy as breast milk because it is purified and contains healthy, beneficial minerals.

The purified alkaline water is rich in minerals, so it improves children’s immune systems and gives them energy.

Q2) Is alkaline water good for kidneys?

Ans: Alkaline water doesn’t necessarily have any impact upon the kidneys; it is beneficial for the whole body because it improves absorption, provides greater energy, and also improves the immune system.

However, if you or anyone in your friends or family have chronic kidney disease, the doctor may not suggest alkaline water because it may hurt the kidneys.

If you have any kidney-related problems or diseases, please consult your doctor before drinking alkaline water.

If the doctor suggests that you avoid it, then you mustn’t drink it.

Q3) Does alkaline water help with weight loss?

Ans: The alkaline water may not directly cause weight loss, but it has the ability to improve the digestion of an individual.

This is because alkaline water has the ability to balance the pH in the human body, and it can also improve absorption, which then helps in weight loss.

So, if you are putting in the effort to lose weight, you should start drinking alkaline water to improve digestion and eventually lead to weight loss.


In this article, we picked the best alkaline water pitchers so that you all can save yourself from the struggle of researching for the best one.

In each product review, we have the description of the products, the major features, and along with that, we also have pros and cons.

With the information that we have in this article, you can compare different alkaline water pitchers and then get your hands on the one that suits your budget and your need.

We hope that this article about alkaline water pitchers can achieve its goal by helping you in finding the best product.

We wish you the very best of luck!

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