How To Fix Blinking Red Light On Pur Water Filter

So you have a Pur water filter on your kitchen faucet.  You might ask Why is my Pur water filter blinking red after a filter change.  You just change it after the 2 to 3 months usage period and it will not turn off. Learn how these systems work and try my common tips to clear the blinking lights.  If you don’t know what each color means here a quick list of them.  You want more details please see Pur website for more detailed explanations.

These Pur faucets have different color lights that help troubleshoot issues. The 3 different colors are

  1. Green- Mean the filter is working correctly and filtering water for you.
  2. Yellow- Means the filter needs to be replaced some to give you time to order a new one so you won’t be without filter water.
  3. Red- When the light flashes red it means the filter has gone thru 100 gallons of water and it time for a new filter.

Sometimes when you change the filter with a new one the light will still stay red.   They could mean someone replaces the filter and put the old one back in the container.  This means you might of think you replaced an old filter with a new one.  But this is unlikely.

What to try next.  Take the filter out and see if there is any mineral residue in the filter housing.  You might need to take a brush or hot water to remove it. There is a spring in the housing that can get clogged with residue and it will not reset to tell it a new filter.  If need be you take the filter off the faucet and tap it against the counter to remove so of the debris in there.

Another thing to check is the contact post in the filter house for dirt caked on them.

These should help you get your Pur water filter blinking red after a filter change to stop blinking.

If all else fails you will need to call Pur customer service phone number to get them to help you troubleshoot your issue.

Please remember the Pur water filter can filter water for two to three months or one-hundred gallons of water.  Make sure you have extra filters on hand so you never run out of clean great-tasting water from Pur.


You can try the new

PUR PFM800HX Faucet Water Filtration System with Bluetooth, Horizontal, Chrome

Pur Bluetooth Filter Tech

This has Bluetooth technology to notify you when to change the filter and troubleshoot the issues.

Here the current filter replacement for this new Pur water filter.


If you don’t want a bulking kitchen water faucet like Pur check out the other water pitcher we have reviewed.

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